I learned and gained so much as a social worker and a parent during my short stay at Tashirat. From my five-plus years of experience in a variety of social service agencies in the States, I have never seen anything close to the outstanding results of the applied therapeutic interventions that I witnessed during my volunteer experience. The current psychological and physical condition of each child is nothing short but a miracle thanks to the carefully put together holistic therapeutic model.

Yana Bannikova

Social Worker, Florida, USA

I have visited Tashirat and worked with their staff and children various times over the last few years. From the beginning, I was impressed by the staff´s unusual combination of heart, skill and commitment for some of the most challenging children lucky enough to come to them. They consistently demonstrate their dedication to the compassionate and patient treatment of every child regardless of their challenges. This is felt in all aspects of their work day and night.

Catherine A. Tower, M.Ed

Special Education Director, Graduate Professor and Educational Consultant, Connecticut, USA

I have been volunteering for Tashirat for a couple of years and it has been a wonderful experience. They are open, cheerful and extremely loving children. Every time I go to play with them, my heart is filled with joy and affection … In addition, it has been spiritually transforming for me to see with admiration and joy the altruistic and kind service of the staff members who dedicate their lives to children, It gives me deep hope in humanity!

Sandra Behn

Psychologist, Cuernavaca, Mexico

I first arrived in Tashirat as a volunteer in 2008, and since then I’ve remained an admirer and supporter of the important and challenging work that the Tashirat community undertakes with creativity, dedication, and grace. The best testimonials to this unique place are the young people who’ve grown up there- it’s delightful to have been able to visit recently and to see the blossoming of some of the children who arrived at Tashirat with many physical and emotional difficulties, but have developed into caring, healthy young people in this supportive environment. The world needs many more places like Tashirat.

Haley De Korne

PhD and Author, Michigan USA

Working as a classroom teacher and youth organizer in Detroit, I have a sense of what it means to work with youth and communities that have experienced oppression and exclusion. I was so inspired by the work at Tashirat because of the full-human approach they take to help heal and empower the children.  From considering the words we hear from people around us to understanding how what we put into our bodies and how this impacts our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, I learned that rewriting the stories of trauma requires intensive and comprehensive approaches to healing.  I am a supporter, promoter and visitor of Tashirat because I know and have seen that what they do works- not only for children in Mexico, but for people around the world.

Ammerah Saidi

Teacher and Youth Organizer, Michigan USA

It has been truly amazing and heartwarming to witness the Tashirat Orphanage grow from its beginning in 2003, and to witness the staff and children grow over the years. As a sponsor, I love helping the individual children and supporting such an innovative and effective program. The Tashirat community transforms and deeply enriches the lives of everyone involved. Not only do the children I sponsor benefit but I benefit with the shared love, learning, joy and a feeling of purpose. It is a special treat in my life to feel the love of the children and the staff at Tashirat and to witness their growth and inspiration each year.

Kristen Bissinger

Author, Actress and Dance Instructor, Pennsylvania USA

Tashirat is an amazing place full of love, peace and beautiful people who dedicate their lives to clothe, feed in a wonderful natural and nutritious way, educate and most importantly give love and understanding to the children who are fortunate enough to be sent there.

Tanya Witmond

Yoga Instructor and Owner of La Buena Vibra Hotel and Spa, Mexico

It has been an honor and an inspiration to have a part in the Tashirat foundation. Seeing the children grow up through the years and knowing that I have helped give them an upbringing and education far beyond what most children receive is a wonderful feeling. It takes surprisingly little to have a surprisingly big impact.

Dr. Jarod Carter

Carter Physiotherapy, Texas USA

Tashirat is an oasis of love, beauty and kindness. The staff are so nice and welcoming. The children and young adults are an absolute joy. Your heart will change after a few days there.The work being done in Tashirat is truly inspirational and helping to make this world a better place for us all.

Jemuel Morris

Massage therapist, Washington, USA

Tashirat is my favorite place in the universe, it is the most loving space that I have had the opportunity to know in my life. Tashirat fills me with hope. Having been able to live and work there for 6 months was the greatest gift I have received.

Bibiana Garmendia

Yoga Teacher, Mexico City, Mexico