Our Work

Love and Family

The children at the Tashirat orphanage are raised by our permanent staff members, many of whom have been full-time, live-in volunteers for over 20 years. Each child has a home with his or her Tashirat mom or dad. Each house has 5-10 children, and our children receive a home for life. No matter where they go in the world, they know that, just like any child, they have a family to depend on and a home to return to. Our disabled children who cannot live without assistance know that even as they become adults, we will always be here for them, helping them to become more independent within the context of a safe and supportive environment where they can prosper and grow in their adult lives.

We strengthen our children emotionally by teaching them to communicate and to express their feelings, so that they can resolve their relationships and issues as they come up and adequately ask for help when they need it.


The children receive very nutritious vegetarian meals free of refined sugar. Our balanced nutrition has made it possible for all of our children to live medication free after their first few months of transition in Tashirat, even though many arrived with serious chronic health issues and on heavy allopathic drugs.

Their improved physical, emotional and mental health has really improved their lives. Our children are particularly active in Tashirat, riding their bikes, swimming, horse-riding and playing soccer. They are also members of local soccer teams and apart from their weekly soccer league games, they train twice a week with their coach.


Since a majority of our children arrived with learning disabilities, very little former education (if any), and/or mental disabilities, they need specialized attention that is not available in public schools. Today, the Tashirat primary school is a Montessori-guided school, which meets the need of every child at his/her level.


We speak English at home and Spanish at school, so most of our children are fluent in both languages. Not only will being bilingual be an asset for our children one day in the working world, but research shows that speaking two languages can have a positive effect on the brain, improving cognitive skills and enhancing overall mental development.

Life Preparation

In addition to the middle and high school curriculum, we also offer an introduction into many trades. Upon turning eighteen, our children have the opportunity to become trained in a trade of their choice as an apprentice.

Children who have the capacity and desire to study college correspondence courses are, upon graduation from high school, given the opportunity to continue their education at the university level.

Our mentally disabled children, who remain with us as adults, are taught the skills that they need to confidently provide for themselves and live independently, with the necessary level of assistance from the Tashirat community.