Our History

Tashirat was founded in 1994 by Thyera Arian in Tepoztlán, Mexico. We started as a Spiritual Learning Center and Ashram for spiritual seekers, offering guidance in the fundamental tools to strengthen and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. In addition, we sought to serve the most marginalized communities by organizing and giving free classes and courses at our facilities to children and people with special abilities.

In 2003, we expanded our service work and opened the Tashirat orphanage, where we provide children with comprehensive care. From the moment they enter Tashirat, they are provided with medical, psychological, nutritional, and dental care, and it is about restoring their rights, but above all, we offer them a healthy and loving home life with the necessary tools to build their future. From the beginning, we have always welcomed the most vulnerable children, many of whom, due to age, disability or behavioral problems, had little or no chance of finding a home until they arrived in Tashirat.

We currently provide full-time care to girls, boys, teenagers and adults with a capacity between 30 and 35 depending on the cases and the care they require. All children with disabilities have the option of continuing to live with us into their adulthood, living semi-independently with the necessary level of assistance in a safe and supportive environment within a family.